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Carpentry Services for Labour Hire in Sydney area

Carpenters work with wood and metal in the construction industry. They work in various capacities such as frameworks, roofs, walls, ceilings and floors. AXS Labour hire manages a broad database of local carpenters in Sydney who are qualified and hold the carpentry license. Whether you’re needing repairs, renovating, building or extending, we can assist you with the best carpenter for the job.Carpenters Labour Hire Sydney - Labour Hire Companies - Carpenter

Carpentry is one of the most sought-after trades in Sydney today, so once we get them on our book we look after them. Our team currently have experts in carpentry, formwork, cabinet makers, shop-fitters, joiners and trade assistants. Once we are given the scope of works we can place our most appropriate workforce on your project. With an expert labour hire team on offer, we have become the preferred choice for local builders and construction companies who require specialized or trade carpenters.

We will liaise between the client and the candidate to ensure the carpenter has the proper tools and experience for the work they require to complete. Our carpenter’s performances are continuously monitored to ensure a high standard performance we expect from them. So, forget about the time consuming and costly tasks of recruiting and managing carpenters and focus on the critical tasks that you need to attend to.

Why AXS Labour Hire Carpenters?

The rapid rise in urban development across NSW has created a high demand for certified and experienced carpenters. Our carpenters are capable of applying their skills to a wide range of environments, ranging from major to minor home renovations or constructions to commercial projects including office blocks and government buildings. Our carpenters are self-driven to be safety focused and have an eye for detail to ensure the high standard of quality we promised.

At AXS Labour Hire, we ensure to make our client’s life easier by freeing up your time from these tasks allowing you to prioritise on completing the job within the budget and most importantly, on time.

Labour Hire Locations within our Coverage

Our carpenters are available for labour hire anywhere within the Sydney Metropolitan area from the Northern Beaches to the Eastern Suburbs at short notice. We can also hire out our workers to regional New South Wales once we’ve been given the adequate notice and time needed. Our Labour Hire Company promises to provide you with the right carpenters, at the right time for the right price.

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Supply Skilled Labour

Hire our highly skilled, pre-vetted labour force sent directly to you at your time of need.

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Save Hiring Cost

Unlike other lengthy and expensive hiring processes, save your valuable time and money by hiring our skilled labour force with a few simple steps..

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Freely scale your workforce based on the varying demands of your business and ensure that you have the most appropriate labour supporting your needs.

Why choose
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  • We are completely insured in all required areas such as Public Liability, Workers Compensation, etc.
  • All our labours at AXS Labour Hire are completely equipped with High Grade Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Most importantly, we don’t rest! We offer our services 24 hours a day, ensuring that we can have people working for you at any time!
  • Although we specialise in the Sydney Metro area, with adequate advance notice, our labourers can work in regional and interstate providing you with the best services wherever you are in Australia.

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This company works as a casual labour hire and as a contract labour hire, this means that you can call us for a little job when you need labourers once in a while or when you have an ongoing jobs and you are looking for a better price sign a contract with us so we provide labourer in an ongoing basis until you tell us the construction is finished.

All our employees have undergone a systematic safety training as well as appropriate hands on construction training with us to ensure that we can provide you with the professional, high quality service that we promise our clients.

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